Our Staff

Pastor Jeff Childs


Pastor Jeff was ordained in 1982 in Minnesota and has been serving churches in NY since 2002. He was appointed here in 2011 and will be retiring in July.



Secretary - Lisa Berna

Lisa takes care of the day to day operations and produces the bulletins, newsletters and weekly emails.


Custodian - Bob Flanagan

Bob takes care of both the church building and the Memorial Building next door.

Georgann Farrell - Treasurer

Georgann takes care of paying the bills and oversees the budget.

Marilyn Pinneo - Financial Sec.

Marilyn coordinates the weekly counters and recording the donations and pledges.

Jim Russell - Band Leader

Jim leads the band for the 9:00 am Sunday Break service.

Phil Mann - Sanctuary Choir and Gabriel's Bunch Director

Phil directs the Sanctuary Choir each week and coordinates other special music including Gabriel's Bunch, an instrumental group.

Phyllis Bailey - Organist

Phyllis plays the organ and piano for the Sanctuary service and also accompanies soloists when needed.

Mary Anne Cooper - Handbells

Mary Anne directs the Memorial Ringers who play handbells in the Sanctuary service once a month.

Amber MacMillan

Amber coordinates the other attendants and supervises our nursery on Sunday mornings.

Pastor Doug Childress Missionary

Doug and his wife Kulli are missionaries in her home country of Estonia. You can read more about them HERE.


Additional Information

Our Mission Statement: 

                                          MAKING DISCIPLES - MAKING A DIFFERENCE

                                            Gathering, Growing, Going into the world.

Our Welcoming Statement:

   We openly and officially seek and welcome all people, including persons of any race, color, national origin, marital status, age, gender, sexual orientation, and physical or mental ability as full participants in our community of faith. 

Our Vision Statement:


  • your community of faith that gives itself away.
  • your welcoming community, attracting others to Christ through authenticity, acceptance, compassion, and excitement.
  • your source of open, caring & supportive relationships in the midst of life’s stresses, challenges and joys.
  • your place of celebration that encourages people to discover God, claim their gifts, and be connected in ministry.

We are ordinary people touched by grace — servant leaders and teammates in the challenge of changing the world.